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ANNOUNCEMENT!!! FLUAddon version 1.86 is out. (May 2016) In addition to the previously added systems (Omicron Minor, Omicron Major, Alaska, Tohoku, Lair Core, Dyson Sphere, Omicron Zeta,┬áLambda Mu, Aberdeen, and Epsilon Mu (FLU exclusive) systems we’ve added five new systems that are intended as private systems for the clans owning the sector they’re associated with. These systems are Florida (Liberty), Kanto (Kusari), Munich (Rheinland), Omicron Kappa (Omicrons), and Omega-2 (Omegas). Plans are still in the works for similar systems for the Sigmas and the Taus. These systems are locked and cannot be entered without permission granted by the clan leader. More information will be forthcoming on that feature.

In addition, Aberdeen (Bretonia) has been reconfigured for the same purpose as was the original intent for that system. It’s just taken much longer than I expected to make it work as envisioned.

Other fixes and updates applied as well. Capship guns have been balanced a little better by applying energy usage to the guns and adjusting firepower output and range per gun type.

This mod does require the JFLP update on the downloads page. You should be able to install by deactivating and deleting the FLUAddon mod, running the JFLP update, and then downloading and installing the new version 1.86 mod.


Welcome to 24/7 FREELANCER UNIVERSE. Please feel free to register and browse our forums. Then make the right move and make FLU your Freelancer home server.

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